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Member Journeys

Here are just a couple of recent stories from members who attend Canterbury Umbrella regularly:

‘W’ comes toCanterbury Umbrella several times a week. His story is one that will resonate with many people:

“On the 23rd March 2020 the announcement was made that everything was to be closed and it was disheartening to realise that it was to be the last time going out for drinks and socialising with friends. I didn’t feel the best due to uncertainty of what was going to happen and there was an inability to socialise with friends or come to the centre for some social interaction that’s not limited. For me personally, the first lockdown was the most difficult challenge to face as there was too much unknown information about when things will go back to normal and social interaction can resume.

When July approached and the government made the decision to open up the country again and could see friends and go out things improved because I was able to leave the house safely and resume how life was. But then there was the sudden pause again in October when there was to be another lockdown; when it started it was one week before Christmas and it was ruined due to the travel restrictions put in place, I was unable to go away to see family. Further, I couldn’t go to friend’s house for Christmas either. But it was a situation that was unavoidable and so it was a situation to accept and move on from.

I am glad to see that everything is reopening but my main concern is that we cannot afford to go into another lockdown and that is the only reason why everything has opened. To prevent any further issues, we all need to make sure to not plan anything and take each day as it comes. Keep up with the rules and then 21st June and start planning things because that’s when everything is set to change.”