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Confidentiality Policy

The Principle

Canterbury Umbrella (CU) recognises that any user has the right to expect that any information imparted by that person to any of its Trustees, Staff or Volunteers will be used for the purpose for which it is given and should not be released to any other person, or outside the organisation, without the user’s consent. (User means anyone who deals with CU directly or indirectly; it may be an individual or another organisation). It is essential to ensure that the service user has trust and confidence in the organisation and is treated with respect and dignity.

In addition to the principle of confidentiality should extend to relevant information about the internal affairs of CU- that is anything affecting, relating to or involving the business of the organisation.

Why have a Confidentiality Policy?

The Policy States that:

General policy for all

The Policy for Trustees, Staff and Volunteers


It shall be the responsibility of each manager to monitor the use of this policy in his/her area of work. The Managers will be accountable directly to the Trustee Committee. 

Agreed by the Trustees of Canterbury Umbrella